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Our objective is simple: Improve OUR schools - with emphasis on 'our' as not one person can do this alone. Achieving this will require families, teachers and administrators to work closer than ever to continue to protect and secure the future of our children. 
Over time, we'll measure our progress by keeping pulse on the following indicators of Success:
  • Enrollment rates from Emeryville Residents
  • Teacher satisfaction
  • Grades and test scores
 Learn more about my positions on current and recent topics below.
Answers to Recent Questions.
How will we improve overall community participation? 

Families have a clear vested interest in the education of our children so with the PTO at the center of our coordinating efforts, we'll seek out to more families and community members to volunteer and help share the present of our school. 

We are also one with our Community Center. In sharing our beautiful new facilities, we must work in unison to ensure both city events and community center events be considered City events. With both organizations cross-promoting each other's events, attendance will increase - and we all win. 

Lastly, between administrators and families, we must provide the teachers all the resources they need to perform so they can focus on shaping the future of our children.

Should we merge our School District  into City control?  

Please, let's not. I believe such a move would have decisions around our children vying for attention against other important yet competing city resources and priorities. In having an independent School Board, we ensure that our schools are first - all the time. 


Our school has seen great improvements in the past couple of years and has done a great job in building a facility that is as great and modern as our community. Let us now focus on improving the quality of our education even further. 

How will we enhance our Curriculum?

As a board member, I'll promote the vision to expand and promote a fully integrated curriculum - from K through 12 .


We'll sponsor a study session on curriculum enrichment programs such as International Baccalaureate and other similar programs. 


We'll look to re-establish our education fund to facilitate support from businesses and institutions - and apply behind STEM programs with the support of our existing scientific and professional population. 


Should we turn our school into a Charter School? 

Nope, it  would simply derail the current vision for our schools and distract our attention from improving our schools. I also believe charter schools are only effective in much larger districts - not single, small school district such as ours.  


I believe re-opening Anna Yates and turning into a charter school would be a step back in integrating our children and our community - and would force us to under-utilize our new state-of-the-art facilities.  


Plus, the cost of doing so would be immense. I would much rather use those resources in improving teacher retention and attracting more high-quality teachers.


Our focus must also be on strengthening our curriculum by broadening our STEM programs, music and arts, and on evaluating other enrichment programs. 

Should we merge with another district?

Absolutely not! A small district like ours ensures all of our children are in the front of the line. To merge with another district means that our children would compete for resources against other larger districts, thus taking a back seat.  We just built a school to our taste. One does not build a custom home and put it up for sell. 


Such a decision also impacts our taxes and funding - and not in a good way. Merging with another district would mean that our funds would go straight into another city. And with taxes merging, our taxes are very likely to increase as well. Unfortunately, this also means that another city would be deciding for the future of our children.To me, the cons greatly exceed the pros. I can't support a merger into another district.  

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