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Because we deserve a school that matches our Community.
When I was 8 years old, I asked my parents to transfer me to a private school. To which my dear mom replied "honey, a school doesn't make students. It's the students and their families that make the school".


So as a product of the public school system in Mexico, it is now as a parent that I understand the importance of being an active member in my child's education.
Today, I believe the best way to support is through the School Board.

I am running for School Board because I strongly believe that Emeryville deserves schools with test scores that match our beautiful new facilities.


A score of 3 out of 10 in simply does not  match our community so with your vote, let’s set ourselves the goal to significantly increase our grade within 3 years. 


I’ve seen the potential of Emeryville children while volunteering at school and while coaching our micro soccer league. Our kids are happy, thirsty for knowledge and simply deserve more. I also love Emeryville! On weekends, you’ll see me biking around town with my 10 y.o daughter, catching Pokemons in our great parks, or eating at local favorites Hot Italian, Best Coast Burritos or Gratto Burger.


Most importantly, I believe my marketing skills complement the current school board. While my experience in managing multi-million dollar budgets will help us ensure that every dollar invested provides a return in our children’s futures.

Since I won’t make a political career out of this, 100% of my energy and passion will be focused on improving our schools. With your vote, we’ll lean into this goal together!

Cruz J. Vargas

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